Monday, August 9, 2010

Bombyx Mori Emerged

How cute are those antennae?

Our wee Bombyx Mori moth finally emerged from her cocoon just over a week ago and has been busily laying dozens of eggs since, confirming that she really is a she.

Just out of her cocoon and looking a little scruffy.

Her wingspan is too small to allow her to fly, (the product of thousands of years of domestication), her legs too weak to carry her more than a few inches from her cocoon and as a moth she will neither eat nor drink - this is the end of her life cycle.

A relatively tiny wingspan to body mass means she is unable to fly.

I've always had an irrational phobia of moths, a horrible fear of them flapping about in my face, but watching this beautiful little creature everyday has left me with a whole new appreciation for moths and butterflies and for the process of silk production.

Not the most active of creatures, she hasn't moved more than half an inch from this spot in over a week.

The cocoon from which she emerged.

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Lucy said...

What a cutie!