Saturday, June 12, 2010

FO - Birthday Pink Handspun Haruni

Birthday Pink Handspun Haruni

Pattern: Haruni by Emily Ross
Yarn: Handspun Hand-dyed 50/50 Mulberry Silk/Superwash Merino - Light Fingering
Needles: 3.50mm

I loved, loved this project from spinning to blocking. Fondly referred to as the 48 hour shawl, this pattern was fantastically simple and quick to knit - one of those projects that goes so smoothly you keep thinking it’s just too good to be true and sooner or later you’ll find the error in the beginning of your work that will require you frog it all and start over. But that never happened - I started it on a Friday night and by Sunday afternoon I was casting off with no error in sight.

Spinning the yarn took a little longer than the knitting. I carded some hand-dyed superwash merino in a yummy shade of pink with an equal amount of white mullberry silk until uniformly blended and spun it into a light fingering two-ply. I really love the drape and sheen of this combination of fibres and the colour came out perfectly as well.

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