Friday, May 28, 2010

FO - Pacific Coast Handspun Hat

Pacific Coast Handspun Hat

Pattern: Pismo Hat by Marnie Maclean
Yarn: Handspun Hand-dyed Superfine Merino- Fingering Weight
Needles: 2.25mm

A seemingly simple pattern that required too much frogging to get right. I made the mistake of not reading through other knitters ravelry posts thoroughly enough and knitted away happily, (well, as happily as you can knit 1x1 rib over such a distance), until I reached the crown and realised there was no way the shaping was going to work for anyone other than a gnome. This prompted me to finally read everyone else's reviews and see that I was not alone in my cone shaped hat - some serious reshaping was in order. So I frogged back yards of 1x1 and rearranged the decreases to achieve a gently sloping dome, much the same as the top of my husband's head for whom the hat was intended.
The end result? A super soft hat that fits perfectly in just the muted shades of blue and grey my husband loves - definitely a success.

A bit about the yarn... I sourced this wonderfully soft superfine 18 - 19 micron, (so they say but I'm sure it's finer), merino from Otago, NZ. Being so fine it felts just at the sight of water, so dyeing it requires extra special care and gentle handling and it's very roughly carded; whatever process they use leaves behind a huge quantity of VM, which means hours of picking away at the roving with a pair of tweezers before it can be used, but for the softness it's absolutely worth it.
For this hat I spun about 100g into a two-ply fingering weight yarn and had enough left over for a pair of matching mittens.