Thursday, May 31, 2007

NZ Corriedale Roving & Needlefelting Foam

Over the years I've done lots of wet felting but very little needlefelting and so with a unseasonal desire to get my hands into some wool, I ordered this yummy selection of Ashford Dyed NZ Corriedale from Mielke's Fiber Arts.
Ashford New Zealand Dyed Corriedale

Row 1: Lagoon, Moss, Lemon, Berry
Row 2: Turquoise, Lime, Tangerine, Pansy
Row 3: Sky Blue, Marigold, Red, Candy

They stock the full selection of colours and their service was great - I had my order in just a few days.
The marigold is quite 'mustardy' in my opinion, the red is a really nice 'true red', the pansy is a really bright pink while the berry is more of a brownish rose and the sky blue is a really pretty cornflower blue.
It's a nice palette to start with but I'm thinking dyeing some roving will probably be the best way to get a
really good range of colours as I seem to have a hard time finding nice pastel shades of roving.
So with my stash of corriedale and some #38 star needles I decided to dip my toes in and felt some bright beads...but not before finding the perfect piece of foam for felting. I remembered the lab equipment at my husband's workplace arrives packed with high-density foam, so sent him off to work with a request to reduce company refuse by bringing home some foam for me reuse.

Recycled Needlefelting Foam

As you can see, it's a very generously sized piece and is fulfilling it's new purpose very satisfactorily. Here are some felted beads in progress with many more to come...